Positivetly will be sponsored by Veterinary Congress

Between April 21 and 23, 2021, a new version of Latam Business Veterinary was developed, the most important Spanish-speaking veterinary management congress in the world. This year it had 10 speakers from 6 different countries and more than 1,000 participants connected from different parts of the world.

This event of high invoice in production, positioning, and scope, invited Dr. Iván López V. (CEO Vetcoach) to give a couple of conferences, one of them was “Positivetly: a vaccine against burn-out”.

The digital atmosphere that was created through online transmission touched many minds and hearts, very few were indifferent to our message, the chat was filled with supportive comments, tuning in and questions.

Dr. Mariano Tischler, CEO of Veterinary Congress at the end of the conference gave wonderful news:

 As a director, I have talked with my team and we have decided that just as we have been concerned with sharing technical tools of finance, economics, how to improve our business, how to earn more money ... today we agree with Iván that we should also think about how we should be much happier veterinary doctors, therefore, from now on, the Veterinary Congress will include Positivetly as part of Latam Business, to start a national, regional and global crusade, so that together we can contribute to achieving this goal

… Dr. Tischler invited the managers of the sponsoring companies to also support the initiative… and continued “as Veterinary Congress, I have made a personal decision now, we are going to allocate part of the profits that we have to sponsor this crusade, in which we are going to initiate with Iván López ”, later he reiterated that such an initiative, in order for it to have life in time, requires the support of industry and companies. 

This is how, today we synergize with the veterinary congress as a sponsor, to whom we greatly appreciate their conviction and support to move forward and achieve "happier veterinary doctors" every day.