The new generation will be that of Happy Veterinarians

We want to be promoters of solutions and changes charged with positive energy,so as to not to keep looking and ruminating on unfavorable statistics regarding the increasing levels of anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion, burn-out and suicides in our profession.

Positivetly seeks, worldwide, to raise awareness and promote self-knowledge of students and veterinarians of their personal levels of “Wellbeing”, occupying positive psychology as one of its methodological bases.

What is positive psychology? It was defined It was defined by its founder, Martin Seligman, as theSCIENTIFIC study of positive: experiences, individual traits, institutions and programs, which has created tools and knowledge to develop more happiness in each of us... And that's what we want to do at Positivetly!

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With each face-to-face or online action that we carry out (conference, workshop, coaching, discussion, etc.) we stimulate and encourage the participants to seek frequent experience of positive emotions.

We want to illustrate how many people we reached with our message during these years and where they are from ...

Why do we do it? ... Well, we are also motivated when we see the progress and that we are not alone in this.

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We thank those who support our initiative

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Initiatives like this are still alive thanks to the encouragement wonderful people give to our hearts,here we highlight some of their words:



Iván López Vásquez

University of Concepción Veterinarian, Diploma in Integral Marketing from the UAI, Diploma in Innovation and Technology Management from the UAH, Certificate in Technology & Innovation Management from the UND, Diploma in Consulting and Coaching from the UAH, Diploma in Positive Psychology of the IIE. He has more than 18 years of experience in the small animal veterinary industry.

Eileen Fell Salinas
VetCoach Trainee

Graduated with distinction in Veterinary Sciences, Universidad de Concepción, certified courses in Positive Psychology from Upenn, Yale and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Diploma in Emotional Education and Coaching from Flich, Specialization in Positive Psychology from Upenn.


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