HAPPY VET Attendees Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago Campus, May 10, 2023

HAPPY VET, is an activity that seeks, through positive psychology or the science of happiness, new generations of veterinary doctors, much happier, away from the regrettable rates of suicide and burnout that exist in the profession.

This activity is part of the Young Veterinarians program of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets who care about the well-being and happiness of future veterinary doctors and make this activity possible in different universities in Chile.

This May 10 at 2 p.m. the  University "Santo Tomás" opened its doors , thanks to the coordination of Dr. Masiel Anais Galvez Alarcón, Professional Engagement Team de Nestlé-Purina with the Dr. Óscar López Sandoval , UST Veterinary Medicine Course Director,  and the Positivetly team. Conducting HAPPY VET for first-year veterinary medicine students and teachers.

Dr. Óscar López inaugurated the activity, thanking the students for their attendance, making known the importance of this type of activities, emphasizing that it is not only the technical subjects that are important for veterinary doctors... “we are missing the psycho-emotional component.”

Attendees had an educational and entertaining day, full of surprises and prizes awarded by Nestlé Purina and Positivetly. 

“What I liked most about HAPPY VET is that we learned how we can be happier and not get overwhelmed with problems”… “I liked that they gave us tools to better deal with the situations of our day to day life” – emphasized 2 of their attendees

Below we leave a video that captures some moments of this activity

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