Veterinarians Involved in Being well Emotionally and Socially

Our personal wellbeing is the basis for enjoying our profession even more and being happy in it.
We can learn tools to identify, feel, live and channel our emotions towards our well-being. Positive Psychology is our ally. 

During our training and professional development, we receive (and choose) a preferably technical education, linked to achieving the goal of being "good veterinary doctors" and elite professionals in the various specialty areas of our profession: public health, senior animal medicine, companion animal medicine, teaching, production, research, in the commercial and marketing areas, etc.

How ever,we give ourselves little opportunity to learn other skills that allow us to effectively communicate our knowledge and to interact optimally with others in work and / or personal environments.
Incredibly, even less often, we give ourselves the option to think about ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to learn to "be well" and "feel good." It is time to put priorities in perspective and focus on ourselves as well.

What do we want to achive with +VIBES?

+VIBES wants to provide tools to stimulate your wellbeing and that you learn to
use them, to overcome and face the obstacles of life and our profession, and achieve to "be-well"
more often, savoring every moment that is possible.

+VIBES, wants to fill a postponed or forgotten space for veterinary doctors, that
of learning to "feel good", to get away from burn-out, which, unfortunately, is
ery present in the student and work environment of our profession, worldwide.

+VIBES wants to prevent burn-out, reducing its presentation rates in the student and work world of our profession.

+VIBES wants +VIBES, that is, "More Veterinarians Involved in Being well Emotionally and SSocially".

What is + VIBES based on?

+VIBES is based on positive psychology: the scientific study of
positive experiences and emotions, positive characteristics of people and positive institutions. We have integrated this knowledge into veterinary medicine to create this course.

+VIBES it is also based on reality ... on a reality that can be harsh: that our life and profession is fragile, challenging, hard at times and certainly very difficult ... sometimes leading us to think that we cannot cope with everything that happens to us. However, it is also based on (and wants to show) another reality, different and more positive, inviting us to appreciate invisible aspects of it.

What is NOT + VIBES?

+ VIBES is not the solution to all the problems that we have to face, rather it shows us a way to know how to face them.

+ VIBES is not naive positive thinking, or we would say “the world is pink” or “don't worry, everything will be fine” or “always smile, every minute” or “your goal is your happiness” or “you must and you have to be happy in spite of everything ”.

+ VIBES is not a course that generates and promises instant or magical happiness, but rather wants to help you choose spend most of your life in wellbeing, because equally life will give us hard times and will bring new unexpected adversities.

Who is it for?

Veterinary doctors who intend to:

Complement their technical training with the development of their regulatory capacities
and emotional autonomy in the face of various scenarios in their work.

Improve their levels of job satisfaction and optimism.

Learn to develop an optimistic and resilient explanatory style

Know coping strategies in the face of negative stress (distress)

Take care of your Wellbeing, and thus lead and / or inspire
your work teams in a better way.

Increase their Wellbeing

Veterinary medicine students, that intend to:

  Improve your learning ability, (one of the many benefits of wellbeing)

 Cope with the distress of their student work or stage of life

 Build their resilience to be prepared to face the world's greatest challenges
in the work place

 Understand how to manage and regulate their emotions from positive psychology

 Improve their abilities to develop more positive social interactions

 Increase their Wellbeing

Care for others or Inspire Others to Take Care of Their Wellbeing

 Incorporate new skills in your curriculum


At the end of this online course the participant will be able to:


Get involved in caring for and increasing his/hers personal levels of wellbeing and enjoy the emotional and social benefits that this brings.

Use and exercise tools based on positive psychology, consciously and voluntarily to improve your levels of wellbeing.

Know a starting point of the meaning of wellbeing in our profession and how we can collaborate to generate it from our individuality.

Know how to reduce the rumination of negative emotions and the prevalence of pessimistic explanatory styles before various situations.

Contribute to the achievement of a new generation of happier veterinarians and preventively reduce the statistics of burn-out and emotional disorders in our profession, as well as its sad suicide rates.

Teaching team

Iván López V.

Vetcoach CEO, Veterinary Doctor
University of Concepción. Diploma in Integral Marketing, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Diploma in Management of Innovation and Technology, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Certificate in Technology & Innovation Management, University of Notre Dame. Diploma in Consulting and Coaching Alberto Hurtado University,
Diploma in Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence Institute. More than 20 years of experience in the pet veterinary medical market.

Eileen Fell S.

Vetcoach Trainee, Graduate with distinction in Veterinary Sciences, Universidad de Concepción, certified courses in Positive Psychology from Upenn, Yale and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Diploma in Emotional Education and Coaching from Flich, Specialization in Positive Psychology from Upenn.


+ VIBES is a completely online course, consisting of 4 modules of
self-training lessons and 5 Presenlines (live and direct online classes).

Self-training modules

The contents are taught from the experience of its instructors with positive psychology in the veterinary, labor and student market. Incorporating their own label, when delivering knowledge.

The lessons of this course and the downloadable materials and / or exercises will be on a digital platform, easy to use, and easy to access.

You will be able to interact with the teaching team through the comments section at the bottom of each lesson, where they will answer your questions and / or reflections.

Presenlines: classes live and direct

According to the program, 5 Presenlines will be held, with one of the members of the + VIBES team.

These live sessions are intended to delve into the self-training modules with real market cases, practical activities and / or case studies, in addition to providing additional resources.

The program proposes different activities throughout its execution. The result of them are dedicated exclusively to self-knowledge and personal self-evaluation.


Presenline 1: Welcome

Module 1


The statistics we want to change
My friend positive psychology
The PERMA model 
Happiness and its benefits
Summary ... with evidence

Presenline 2: Practice module 1

Module 3


My character strengths
Intentional activities
Permission to be human
Positive rituals
Summary ... for every day

Presenline 4: Practice module 3

Module 2


Our attention focus
Our explanatory style
Our emotional
Our resilience on a daily basis
Summary ... our choice

Presenline 3: Practice module 2

Module 4


Choosing Engagement v / s Burnout
Emotional and
communicational limits
Inspire and healing others
Enjoy and savor
Summary of a happy vet

Presenline 5: Practice mod. 4 and closure

Information and Questions