HAPPY WEEK!: From theory to practice, applied positive psychology for veterinary medicine students

HAPPY WEEK is an activity for veterinary medicine students, different and innovative, which aims to create happier generations of veterinarians, providing practical tools that help students increase their well-being rates and prevent burnout rates , which unfortunately prevail in our profession.

Together with Nestlé Purina with its program Jóvenes Veterinarios and COLMEVET  as a wellbeing partner, we have been carrying out the HAPPY WEEK activity for veterinary medicine students at various universities in the country during the months of April and May.

The activity was born for first instance in an online format, however, according to the requirements, opportunities and possibilities, together with the Universities and Nestlé Purina, we have also been able to arrive in person in a dynamic format of 4 continuous hours.

Thus, HAPPY WEEK has an online or face-to-face format, adapting to the needs of each university. The online format takes place over 3 consecutive days, with a continuous 2-hour session each day. While the face-to-face format can be carried out in a 2-day design (2 continuous hours each day) or a full immersion in a single day (4 hours with a break).

Within the activity, we review in a practical and close way, the explanatory style, knowing and learning how to use personal character strengths, as well as practicing activities that improve their levels of happiness.

We show students that being happier is a choice, developing greater resilience and optimism, … we give them basic tools and an awakening to this science of Positive Psychology.

We also measure their levels of subjective happiness and satisfaction with life live through scientific tests, and encourage them to perform other self-knowledge tests whose results and optimal uses we explain with examples close to their current moment.

So far we have carried out this initiative of Positive Psychology applied to veterinary medicine students, virtually at the Bernardo O'Higgins University and U. Mayor. And in person at the U. de Chile and U. Andrés Bello.

This video fills us with joy and hope that we are contributing to new generations of happier veterinarians.

Soon we will be with HAPPY WEEK in other universities that Nestlé Purina has defined.

It is inspiring and gratifying for all those involved in this initiative that, when evaluating the activity, the students who participated recognize that the exhibitors deliver their knowledge with a unique seal, generating a close, pleasant and comfortable environment. They also recognize that after the activity they feel that they can explain the adversities of student life in a different way (in a more resilient and/or optimistic way) and finally, they recognize that it is necessary to receive this type of training for professional development.

Here are some of their testimonials: