Positivetly joins forces with the Chilean Veterinary Medical College

It is with great joy that we announce that last Monday, November 15, 2021, Ana María Rosas, Executive Director of COLMEVET, met with our executive director, Iván López Vásquez, to sign the participation agreement of the Veterinary Medical College as "Wellbeing Partner" in the Positivetly initiative, thus becoming one of our wonderful sponsors.

The Veterinary Medical College had already provided its support during the years 2018 and 2019 to develop the "National Positivetly Tour" and thus reached all the COLMEVET regional councils of the country in person as a primary (and inaugural) activity for all colleagues and members of these newly created councils. We were in almost the entire national territory with hundreds of colleagues with our interactive talk, expanding to more than 2,500 veterinary medicine students who had already been participants in 10 universities in Chile.

Images of the "National Positivetly Tour" developed during the years 2018-2019

“For Colmevet it is very important to participate and become a wellbeing partner of the Positivetly project led by Iván López, after having made the national tour where the absolute priority for us as an institution is the welfare of the country's veterinarians. Therefore, we celebrate these types of initiatives, of course we want to be part of them, helping in their promotion and maintaining them over time. Also understanding that Positivetly has the absolute potential to become an international crusade and thus be able to reach other countries with this proposal, uniting with different colleagues from different regions, sharing our experiences and living our profession in a better way”
Ana María Rosas
Executive Director of COLMEVET
“We greatly appreciate the confidence, support and conviction of Colmevet to continue working together with Positivetly to achieve happier veterinary doctors and thus also to be able to help fulfill one of its great objectives, which is to ensure the well-being of our profession. Our goal is also to be able to take COLMEVET´S vision, not only to Chile, but also to set an example to other veterinary colleges on the planet”
Iván López Vásquez
CEO of Vetcoach

Today we have a new face www.positivetly.cl, more robust, with more tools to deliver to the profession, more international (with a bilingual page) and more committed. COLMEVET's support is very meaningful to us, it energizes us even more to move forward. Feeling accompanied makes us stronger to achieve this shared vision, because like COLMEVET we want a better profession, we are part of it and we will work together to make it happier.

We invite all colleagues to visit the page of the Chilean Veterinary Medical College: www.colmevet.cl  and thus find out about the projects, ideas, and tools that it promotes every day to support and enhance the development and training of our profession. If you are a Chilean DVM do not forget to join and be part of this wonderful institution that represents us all!