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Did you know that a happy veterinarian is a veterinarian who enjoys what he does with passion, makes better decisions, and is less likely to fall into anxiety, depression, and emotional exhaustion? … And that this also brings benefits in your work and business performance?

We know that our profession, like life, is full of challenges and moments that put us to the test, from when we start as students in the career and throughout our work experience, that is why we want to help you.

How can Positivetly help you?

Positivetly will provide you with unique tools so that you can be a happier veterinary doctor. We like to say that Positivetly is similar to a vaccine, which increases your immunity against anxiety, depression and emotional exhaustion.

Why do we say that it is similar to a vaccine? Do you remember what one is made of?

The antigen: for us it would be the Negativet

A vaccine has small fragments of the cause of the disease: Negativet, this is equivalent to a part of daily reality for many veterinarians, it refers to all the aspects that we do not enjoy in our profession, the negative aspects, those that we feel are repeated and they hit us like a wave on a rock, until they affect us.

Preservatives, stabilizers and diluents: for us it is the science of Positive Psychology

The Preservatives, stabilizers, and diluents prevent the vaccine from becoming contaminated; maintaining its efficacy and safety. Positivetly to maintain its efficacy and safety is based on evidence and solid scientific studies on the aspects that allow us to enjoy our profession and our life, helping us to be resilient in the face of current challenges and those that will continue to come ... this science is called: positive psychology .

Surfactants and adjuvants, , for us, are equivalent to conscious practice and the concrete actions that you carry out.

The surfactants keep all the ingredients in a vaccine mixed together, and adjuvants enhance the immune response to the vaccine. Once you have participated in any of our activities, if you consciously practice the shared tools and make an effort to carry out concrete actions, you can surely be a happier veterinarian.

Together is better!

Each component of Positivetly, as well as in a vaccine, has a specific purpose… however, together, they achieve a greater objective: “to stimulate the increase of your levels of wellbeing” (Being well).

A part is what we can tell you to open your mind and discover new ways to be happy and another part has to do with you: the "what do you do with the shared tools and concepts" to generate incremental immunity to the adversities that will continue to be there, in the environment.

How can a happier veterinarian be achieved?

We invite you to participate in any of our activities that we will indicate in our agenda and thus see the bright side of our beautiful profession regardless of the field of veterinary medicine where you are developing yourself today.

If we were a vaccine and you are afraid of injections, I can tell you, “Positively doesn't hurt” :), quite the contrary, you will probably want more boosters!

We invite you to take action and add Positivetly as one more tool in your professional and life training!

What do you say? Do you want to know if you can be happier?


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